Binding Systems

Binding Systems

This page lists the types of Binding Machines Easibind sells and a brief description of each. For further details or a quotation please contact us.

Easibind supplies and services a large range of binding machines and consumables for all the major binding systems. Major brands include: Bomco, Coilmac, Fellowes, GBC, Ibico, Prima, Powis, Renz, Rexel and Wirebind.

Thermal Binding

Prima 22

Easibind is recognised as the WA specialist in this quick, easy and attractive binding system. No punching is required! Your document is simply placed into a one-piece cover with a pre-formed spine containing thermoplastic glue. The document is then positioned, spine down, into the thermal binding machine, and at the push of a button the glue melts, securely binding your document in just 40 seconds.


  • High standard of professional presentation.
  • Quick and simple - binding time cut by 90%.
  • Economical - thermal binding machines start at $199.00 for the Helios 30, covers from less than $1.00.
  • Covers available in range of popular colours.
  • No punching required.
  • Custom design and printing of covers available.
  • Several documents can be bound simultaneously in just 40 seconds.
  • Flat spines for ease of mailing and stacking.
Fellowes PB 2650E

Plastic Comb Binding

Machines may either have manual punching or electric punching facilities. Uses 21 holes for comb sizes 6mm to 50mm.


  • Highly economical.
  • Document opens flat.
  • Pages can easily be inserted or removed.
  • Wide range of colours available.
  • Comb sizes from 6 - 50mm diameter. (500 pages).
  • Comb covers available for improving presentation.Coilmac ECI

Continuous Coil (Spiral Coil)

6mm pitch in either A4 or 940 lengths. 5mm pitch and 4:1 pitch are also available.


  • Neat, clean, high-tech appearance.
  • Easy to use. No sharp edges.
  • Strong & durable.
  • Flexible and light weight.
  • Document opens flat.

Wire BindingBomco CW2

Uses 34 holes in 3:1 format for wires from 5mm to 14.7mm.

Uses 23 holes in 2:1 format for wires from 16mm to 31.8mm


  • Professional looking presentation.
  • High security - once wire is closed, pages cannot be inserted or removed.
  • Standard 3:1 (34 loop) wire sizes available from 5 - 14mm diameter (125 pages).Jastek 2000 Electric Dual Pitch Wire Binder
  • Document opens flat.
  • Standard wire colours: black, white, red & blue. Other colours available.

NEW - Dual Wire Binder that punches both 3:1 pitch and 2:1 pitch in one machine. Please contact us for details. Light and more heavy duty available.

Combination Comb / Wire Binding

Machines are available which can punch and bind documents using plastic combsIbimaster 500 Dual OR wire, combining the advantages of both systems. Contact us for more information.

Velo Binding

Secure binding method using pairs of narrow strips with prongs.

The favourite method for legal practices.


  • Strips up to 50mm available.
  • High security (no insertion/removal of pages possible once bound, without a special debinder).
  • Your choice of covers (including hard).
  • Strips available in several colours.

Fastback Binding

This is a type of thermal binding which securely binds documents from 3-350 pages, using your own choice of cover, and a thermoplastic binding strip, available in 3 widths and several colours.


  • Fast, simple, automatic, no user skills required.
  • Strong, secure bind.
  • Professional presentation.
  • Wide colour choice.
  • No punching.
  • Document opens flat.
  • Flat spines for neat stacking.
  • Can bind documents up to 38mm.


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